Lecturer at Festival for Young Writers

Senior Lecturer Carolyn Waudby is taking part in a festival aimed at inspiring young people in the north to become journalists.

Carolyn will be giving a talk at the Pick Up Your Pens Festival in Rotherham on Saturday (April 5). The festival, organised by Writing Yorkshire and The Writing Squad, is an opportunity for hundreds of young people, aged 13-25, to meet professional writers and take part in writing activities.

Carolyn will be covering topics including the scope of journalism from hard news to gossip columns, and the role of social media in modern reporting.

She said: “Journalism is still an exciting profession to work in and there are many opportunities for journalists to find a niche that interests them.

“My first published piece of writing was for a school magazine when I was 14. I hope the festival will encourage young people thinking about journalism as a career to take those first small steps.”

Other writers taking part in the festival include author Iain Broome, magazine editor and event organiser Joe Kriss, Derbyshire Poet Laureate Helen Mort and TV scriptwriter Mark Catley.


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