Journalism students on Woman’s Hour

Five journalism students – Rob Aston, Emma Beaumont, Sarah Cottingham, Emily Craft and Jordan Molloy – were heard talking about ‘phoning home’ on Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 on Friday 4th April.


The five – along with fellow students Heyla Rae Arbabha, Stephanie Balloo, George Bragg, Anna Flockett, Lottie Morley and Chanell Wallace – were interviewed by lecturer Clare Jenkins for a vox pop to head up a discussion about the importance of keeping in touch with family when away from home. Presenter Jenni Murray then debated the topic in the studio with actress Maureen Lipman (Beattie in the BT ads) and journalist and author Sathnam Sanghera.


“All the students had insightful and fun things to say about phone calls to and from their parents,” said Clare. “And when I talked to the producer afterwards, she agreed and said it had been tough cutting the audio down to just one and a half minutes.”


You can hear the end result here:



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