Dr Clarke on tour with WW1 book

SHU senior lecturer Dr David Clarke will be touring conferences and literary festivals this summer to talk about his book The Angels of Mons and legends of the Great War.

The inspiring tale of desperate Tommies saved from annihilation by the Kaiser’s troops via the intervention of shining angel warriors – led by St George wielding a flaming sword – was believed by millions during World War One.

To mark the centenary of the war and this extraordinary tale, Dr Clarke will be presenting his latest research on the Mons legend in Prague at theannual conference of the International Society for Contemporary Legend Research (ISCLR).

Then in September Dr Clarke  will be speaking about The Angels of Mons and other legends of the war at The Folklore Society‘s legendary weekend at Chatham, Kent. With the timely theme of ‘War in Legend and Tradition‘ this conference will explore songs, ghosts, omens, rumours and rituals from the last two millennia of conflict.

And later in the year the SHU lecturer will present an illustrated lecture on the Mons legend at the Off The Shelf literature festival in his home city of Sheffield before taking the Angels of Mons on tour.


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