Holding tabloid editors to account – One Rogue Reporter

Former tabloid journalist Rich Peppiatt will expose the dubious ethics of some of the most powerful figures in the British press in a talk at Sheffield Hallam University.

Former Daily Star journalist Rich Peppiatt
Former Daily Star journalist Rich Peppiatt

Rich will show his film One Rogue Reporter to Media Arts and Communications students on Tuesday, 27 January, at 4 pm, in the Peak Lecture Theatre.

Afterwards he will talk about his life as a tabloid hack and his decision to speak out against the excesses of the Press at the Leveson Inquiry.

Peppiatt quit the Daily Star in 2011 after a series of humiliating assignments that included being made to dress up as Santa Claus and wear a burkha. His resignation letter quickly went viral as ‘a two-fingered salute to sleazebag journalism’.

In his film, premiered at the Sheffield International Documentary Film Festival in June 2014, Rich turns the tables on some of the most notorious figures from Fleet Street who are subjected to a series of pranks and stings.

A DocFest review says: ‘[Peppiatt] confronts the head bullies and strips them down – sometimes literally – with their own tricks of the trade: wreak havoc, because it doesn’t matter as long as you bring the story in. Featuring interviews with Hugh Grant, Steve Coogan and John Prescott, One Rogue Reporter is a gutsy takedown best served funny’.

You can watch a trailer from the film here. The film show and Q&A is free for all students and staff.


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