The Doctor’s Dementia

There were enthusiastic reviews this week for the latest radio programme by journalism lecturer Clare Jenkins. The Doctor’s Dementia – broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Wednesday 24th June – focuses on Dr Jennifer Bute, a GP who realised she was developing dementia when she started forgetting things and people, had to use a Sat Nav to find her way to her surgery, and chaired a case conference where she didn’t recognise anyone, even though she had worked with some of them for 20 years. JenniferBute250

In the programme, produced by Clare with her colleague Janet Graves at Pennine Productions, Jennifer talks about how she has found ways to live with the condition, which she regards as “a gift” and “just my latest challenge”.

What the reviewers said: “A marvellous listen” (Sunday Telegraph), “one of the most life-affirming programmes I have ever heard” (Radio Times), “inspiring documentary” (The Observer), “this wonderful programme” (The Times), “a laudable piece of public service” (Daily Telegraph).

And, from David Hepworth in The Guardian: “You have to listen to The Doctor’s Dementia. “It’s about – no, it stars, Jennifer Bute… The fact that at no stage does she sound like a victim of anything… drives home the point that this could really happen to anyone…”

The Doctor’s Dementia, Radio 4, 11am, Wednesday 24th June:


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