A Casual Clearance

Joint Course Leader Clare Jenkins was interviewed on BBC Radio Sheffield and Radio 4’s Feedback last month about her latest radio programme, A Casual Clearance.

The programme looked at the emotional and practical difficulties of clearing out a family home, an experience Clare and her family faced last year after their mother died. The whole question of what you keep, what you dispose of, and what you discover when looking through a parent’s possessions was explored by Clare, her sisters Ruth and Judith, and by fellow journalists Deborah Orr of The Guardian and Robert Crampton of The Times.

It obviously touched a chord with many Radio 4 listeners, who took to Twitter, Facebook and email to share their own experiences, calling it “another great radio documentary”, “powerful”, “an emotional journey”, “really hard listening but helpful”, “deeply moving”, “a beautiful and oddly uplifting programme about a heart-breaking process”.

It was Pick of the Week in the Daily Mail, and in the Radio Times, whose radio editor Jane Anderson concluded her preview by saying: “Listen, empathise and weep.” It was also chosen as a Seriously… podcast, “Radio 4’s home for seriously interesting programmes for curious minds.”

Afterwards, Clare was interviewed by Rony Robinson of Radio Sheffield, and by Roger Bolton of Radio 4’s Feedback, who said it had made him realise the importance of recording family voices – Clare’s mother and father both featured in the programme, via archive recordings and an answerphone message.

A Casual Clearance was a Pennine Production for BBC Radio 4: http://bbc.in/2ebDQt5