Further study


If you are interested in further study there are many options available to you at Sheffield Hallam University and other institutions.

Further postgraduate study or vocational training is a necessary requirement to enter some areas of the graduate labour market including some areas of journalism where you may need NCTJ training. You may want to consider an NCTJ accredited Masters degree or a fast track course such as the one run at The Sheffield College and News Associates.

Journalism options at SHU include MA Journalism (NCTJ route), MA Sports Journalism or you may want to move into PR and undertake the MA Public Relations.

Some students choose to embark on non-vocational postgraduate study because they believe it will enhance their employment prospects generally rather than because it is a requirement of the employment area they wish to enter. It is important to consider whether this is likely to be the case. Where carefully planned it can enhance your skills and experience as well as being a beneficial intellectual experience. But it is unlikely to act as a fast track into employment or to enhance your initial earnings capacity if it is not directly vocational.

More information is available within the university careers service.

This is a useful article about the benefits of postgraduate courses.

You can search for journalism and media postgraduate courses on the journalism.co.uk website here.


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